Back in mid June I got the opportunity to open for Marc Cohn. I thought I’d tell you a bit about it. I awaited word from the booking agent for 2 ½ months until, “Yay!” I got the green light…. I was opening for Marc Cohn. WOW!  I was able to bring a couple guests […]

Out of the blue a friend of mine sent me this ad from an online music service called Low and behold, there I am in the advertisement!  Wow.  So how do I feel about this? Flattered?  Violated? Humored? Helpless?  Is it a big deal?  Is it not big deal?  “Whatever?”  What do I do?  […]

In a previous blog titled “Why a Why” posted on March 19, 2012, I wrote about a book called “Start With Why” by Simon Senek that inspired me to try to find my own “why.” I searched and searched for my “why” until one day on a hike on a nearby mountain, it finally came […]

I grew up in the Midwest and when I was 11 years old,  I had an adventure that made such a big impression on me that I knew I would some day live on the west coast. My two older brothers and I flew out to Portland Oregon to visit my half sister.  She was […]

My experience meeting master luthier Steve Klein and playing some of the most unique guitars ever made. A large bodied guitar similar to the one he made for Joni Mitchell and another rare guitar called a “Transperformance Performer.” It’s a one of a kind self tuning guitar!

It’s not often that I find myself searching for a condom shop.  On a recent trip to New Orleans with my son’s High School Jazz Band that’s what I did.  With 27 students and 10 chaperones, including me on a jam-packed tour, we stopped for 1 hour in the French Quarter for a quick shopping […]

I had to tease my guitarist the other night at rehearsal because I swear he looks like this guy sometimes when he plays guitar. I can’t help but bust up laughing. He’s got this unique blend of goofy-intense and it makes me wonder if it scares the audience.  It is a known fact that musicians […]

I call my wee home studio “LapCat Studio” for a very good reason.  Meet Frodo – LapCat numero uno.

How can we be creative in a world that doesn’t shut up?  How do we climb into that space of solitude and deep contemplation when we are becoming so conditioned to feel like we have to continuously connect? How are we supposed to think if we don’t leave ourselves any time or space to ponder […]

One of my latest music projects is a tribute show to the music of Joni Mitchell.  I’m calling it “Mostly Joni.” I grew up listening to her and by Jove, my son is now one of the rare 15 year olds in this day and age that is a walking catalog of her music. Thanks […]